Unusual Facts About the Body Many of Us Have a Hard Time Believing

We rarely think about how interesting and unique our bodies are. Did you know, for example, that taste can be felt through the feet? Or that men and women lose the same amount of hair daily?

Bright Side invites you all to read this compilation of facts about the human body — many of which we never speak about. At the end of the article, there is a bonus fact that will show real possible consequences of losing weight.

  • The amount of saliva that our bodies produce is surprising — it equals to about 0.5 liters or even more within a day. All because its amount depends on the food that we eat during the day.
  • A person has about 160 billion blood vessels. If you were to look at it as one line, it would stretch to over 100,000 miles and would be enough to wrap around Earth’s equator 4 times.
  • Our digestive tract is very long. The length of the large and small intestines along with the stomach is about 30 feet (that’s the height of a 3-story building). Apparently, the longest part belongs to the intestines — the length of the large intestine is 6 feet and the length of the small intestine is 20 feet.

Unusual Facts About the Body Many of Us Have a Hard Time Believing

  • The construction of the body of adults and children is very different. The main difference is in the number of bones — on average, a child has 90-95 bones more than an adult. It is connected with the fact that bones merge while the kid grows.
  • Our bodies can feel taste not only with the help of the mouth. If you apply garlic or onion to your feet, 1 hour later you will taste it in your mouth.

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