People Share 10+ Cleaning Hacks That Really Work, and We Can’t Thank Them Enough

How much time do you spend on cleaning daily? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, household activities take around 2.6 hours among women, while men spent around 2.1 hours.

Bright Side has prepared a collection of cleaning life hacks to make this activity easier and faster and to help you save your time for family, friends, and your favorite hobbies.

1. How to remove red wine stains

Remember that you never want to scrub a wine stain, as it will spread even more and you’ll risk pushing more wine into a fabric. All you need to do is to apply salt to the stain, wait for some time and vacuum over it. The salt will pull the stain out of the material.

People Share 10+ Cleaning Hacks That Really Work, and We Can’t Thank Them Enough

This method will help only if you do not wait until the next day to take care of the stain. The more time you lose, the more difficult it will be to remove the red wine.

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