Facts About the Life of Ancient Egyptians That Should Actually Be Taught in History Lessons

If you imagine ancient Egyptians as people that are completely different than us, then you are partially wrong. They used to follow fashion, use perfume, have pet animals, have big parties, drink beer, and dance just like us, only a little different.

Bright Side found 10 facts for you from the life of ancient Egyptians that you probably never heard in your history lessons. At the end of the article, there is a bonus showing that the way we imagine common things can differ from reality.

10. Family members used to have breakfast separate

 It wasn’t common to have a meal together in the morning, especially in noble families. The head of the family had breakfast alone — servants brought him food after he finished his morning bath.

Facts About the Life of Ancient Egyptians That Should Actually Be Taught in History Lessons

Women, in their turn, had breakfast while making themselves up in the morning or right after it. Family members gathered at one table either in the afternoon or in the evening. By the way, beer used to play an important role in the meals of ancient Egyptians. We will tell you more about it soon.

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