A Story of a Woman Who Wasn’t Afraid to Become a Laughing Stock to Save Her Kids From Hunger

A loving mother would do anything for her children, and Mary Ann Webster (Bevan after marriage) isn’t an exception to this rule: she wasn’t afraid to become an object of ridicule or show her unusual appearance. She had a goal — to feed her children by doing whatever it took. Mary had to overcome cruelty, mocking, and insults from people who wanted to see “the ugliest woman in the world.”

Bright Side was so impressed by this bold woman who became a kind of a hero of her time.

A difficult fate

Mary’s life was pretty ordinary. She was born in London to a large and rather poor family. She had to start working very early and was a nurse in a hospital. Mary was a very attractive lady who dreamed about having a big family herself. Her dream came true: at the age of 29, she got married to Thomas Bevan and gave birth to 4 children.

Later, Mary started experiencing health problems: she suffered from migraines and muscle and joint pain. Doctors couldn’t understand what was going on. But she barely had time to focus on her health since her family needed her.

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