A Mother of 2 Wrote a Sincere Letter to Her Husband, and Thousands of Women Supported Her

I’m telling you how much I need you, and if I keep going at the pace I’ve been on, I will break. And that would hurt you, the kids, and our family.

Because, let’s face it: you need me, too.”

Thousands of internet users shared this letter on their pages. It got many comments as well. Some women were saying thanks to their husbands because they don’t have to ask for help and they always get the needed support. However, there were many women who were thankful to the author because she has said aloud the thoughts many moms were afraid to admit.

How do you relate to this letter? Do you feel that these situations are easy to handle and that there’s no point writing these kind of frank letters? Or do you believe it’s a real problem of modern families that deserves more attention? We would be glad to hear your opinion in the comments!

Preview photo credit Celeste Yvonne – The Ultimate Mom Challenge / facebook


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