A Data Scientist Found Out Who the Real Lead Character Was on “Friends”

In 2019, it will be 15 years since the last episode of Friends was released. This sitcom became a true cultural phenomenon that even scientists became interested in. Using Friends as an example, they researched the specifics of popular television and gender stereotypes. A machine-learning engineer named Yashu Seth conducted his own study showing the characters of the sitcom in numbers and graphs.

At Bright Side, we’d like to share this curious information with you and figure out together who the actual lead character was on Friends from a scientific point of view.

According to Yashu, he got the idea to hold this study while watching one of his favorite episodes of Friends, “The One with Ross’s Tan”. Watching the characters’ hilarious performances, he started thinking, “Who actually was the lead character on Friends? Was it Ross or Rachel? Was it sarcastic Chandler? Was it the clean freak, Monica? Was it the ladies’ man Joey? Or was it everyone’s favorite singer, Phoebe?”

A Data Scientist Found Out Who the Real Lead Character Was on “Friends”

He decided to use data science to answer these questions. Yashu uploaded transcripts of 10 seasons into the special program. It converted the raw transcript files into a structured tabular form followed by an exploratory data analysis.

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