9 Tricks Zara Uses to Give You a Burning Desire to Buy Their Clothes

Zara is the largest clothing retailer and the founder of this empire, Amancio Ortega, started with a store that sold cheap replicas of expensive designer clothes. Today, the annual revenue of the company is measured in billions of dollars. And it’s us, the customers, who spend this crazy amount of money in Zara. Have you ever thought about what makes people want to get new clothes over and over again?

Bright Side has analyzed the marketing strategy of this brand and identified several tricks it uses to “capture” its customers.

1. The most expensive clothes are located at the entrance — this is how they capture your attention.

In Zara stores, clothing is arranged according to the price. At the entrance, there are the most expensive clothes. The designers hope that their customers will fall in love with these clothes right away. Ideally, you are not supposed to make it to the rows with the cheaper clothes. Zara is betting on the fact that you will make a decision impulsively: see — want — buy.

9 Tricks Zara Uses to Give You a Burning Desire to Buy Their Clothes

The farthest parts of the store are for the customers looking for cheaper clothes. There, you can find basic clothes and clothes that have been discounted. But while you are on your way to the inside of the store, you might already see a dress, a handbag, and some shoes from the new collection that you want.

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