8 Unexpected Facts That Prove We Know Nothing About Our Favorite Foods

4. Fruit Yogurt

Apart from the fruit itself, the amount of which varies between 1% and 5%, the fruit filling also contains cornstarch, sugar, aromatizers, colorings, and acidic regulators. Cornstarch, gelatine, sodium alginate, and gum resin are used as stabilizers.

  • Advice: The best yogurts contain whole milk and healthy bacteria (the amount of bifidobacterium and lactic-acid bacterium should be indicated.) Cream and buttermilk are also acceptable ingredients.

3. Nutella

Botanical oil, most often palm oil, is used in the production of this chocolate spread. Other ingredients include vanilla, emulsifiers, thickeners, and aromatizers.

  • Advice: Don’t buy chocolate spread that has a white layer, as this is more likely to contain palm oil and less cocoa. The world’s leading producer of chocolate spread recommends consuming no more than 2 teaspoons a day.

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