8 Unexpected Facts That Prove We Know Nothing About Our Favorite Foods

6. Potato Chips

Potato chips are more often made from reconstituted potatoes than fresh ones, which is outwardly similar to washing powder. Rice or corn flour is first added to this. Acrylamide, a carcinogen, accumulates during the process of thermal processing of the potato chips. Some brands of potato chips have been found to contain amounts of this chemical that exceed safety levels (0.2 µg per kg) by 1,000%.

  • Advice: Potato chips made from whole potatoes contain more oil because they are fried, whereas those made from reconstituted potatoes are usually baked.

5. Cornflakes

Apart from the above-mentioned ingredients, some brands of cereal contain palm oil. In addition, corn syrup can be found in many of them. This contains a high amount of fructose – a fact that isn’t mentioned on the box.

  • Advice: Because of the presence of sugar and large amounts of cornstarch, specialists do not recommend feeding children cereal for breakfast every day. Sugar is found more often in “frosted” cereals and those containing fruit.

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