8 Unexpected Facts That Prove We Know Nothing About Our Favorite Foods

The food products you buy at the store often contain additional ingredients. We at Bright Side decided to find out what’s really contained in our favorite food.

The information we provide below does not mean you should never eat any of these products, but it does show we need to control the amount that we consume. This is especially important where children are concerned. Read till the end to get the best advice for choosing food products.

8. Ketchup

The concentrate here is a puree which contains tomatoes and cornstarch. The amount of tomato in the concentrate depends on the quality of the ketchup, and it varies between 6% and 10%. When ketchup is made, corn syrup is often added, which helps to preserve it and make it viscous.

  • Advice: When choosing ketchup, go for ones that are of higher quality.

7. Crab Sticks

The meat (surimi) used in crab sticks is produced using inexpensive kinds of fish. The fillet is cleaned, efforts are made to remove the fishy smell, and then it is ground down into mince. The other ingredients – salt, sugar, soya protein, vegetable oil, food colorings, and additives – are then mixed in.

  • Advice: High-quality frozen crab sticks don’t snap when bent and are bound up in a thick wrapping. If they easily break when bent, this indicates the presence of a large amount of cornstarch.

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