8 Staggering Facts About Women That Can Knock You Off Your Feet

Most of us are already aware of many interesting facts about women. For example, that they have a better sense of smell, a more developed intuition, and there has even been a link discovered between the size of a woman’s breasts and her intelligence. Nevertheless, psychologists and other scientists still struggle trying to find the answers to women’s ways of thinking and their extraordinary skills. Luckily, they occasionally manage to prove their ’womanish’ theories.

Bright Side collected some research that might help men understand their women better. Women themselves will also learn something new about their nature.

1. The fewer clothes a woman wears, the higher the chances are for her to live longer.

8 Staggering Facts About Women That Can Knock You Off Your Feet

British scientists came to this conclusion when they conducted research with the participation of more than 5,000 women over the age of 70. There are several theories that explain this interconnection, but the most convincing one relates to chemistry. To be more clear, the leftovers of chemical substances that stay on clothes after washing start a chemical reaction with sweat. Those reactions create harmful compounds that affect the health negatively.

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