8 Facts About Drugs That Question the Way We Cure Diseases

Even ancient philosophers claimed that some medications were more dangerous than diseases and we don’t disagree with them. But mistakes, funny situations, and interesting incidents are inevitable when it comes to inventions.

Bright Side gathered 8 amazing pharmaceutical facts that sound really weird nowadays. Well, now we know what Obecalp is and why it’s so important to read instruction manuals.

8. Petrolatum is a cleaning agent and a laxative.

Vaseline was invented by Robert Augustus Chesebrough. The priary use of petrolatum, or petroleum jelly, was as a laxative or a cleaning agent.

8 Facts About Drugs That Question the Way We Cure Diseases

Later, Chesebrough concluded that Vaseline had dealt well with various diseases and recommended eating one tbsp of petrolatum each morning. By the way, the chemist followed his own tips and lived to be 96.

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