7 Facts About Women They Themselves Are Not Even Aware Of

It seems like we know almost everything about women: how many words they utter a day, why they recognize so many shades of colors, and how much lipstick they ingest in a lifetime. However, scientists decided to dig a little deeper and found out many more interesting and unusual things about the nature of women. We admit they’ve got quite a few surprises for us.

Bright Side gathered seven modern scientific research studies about women — some of which are very controversial.

1. Women are good at remembering what should be done, not what has been done.

Every woman is familiar with the situation of a man forgetting to buy certain foods or to take out the trash. There’s a scientific explanation for this fact. In 2015, Liana Palermo offered 100 men and women different tasks to test their memory with an interval lasting from two minutes to one day.

7 Facts About Women They Themselves Are Not Even Aware Of

As it turned out, women are better at remembering tasks for the future, whereas the completed tasks are forgotten as they are in men.

  • Liana says, “In addition to their basic work, women have a lot of household chores and they have to keep a lot of information in mind. That’s how their memory gets trained.”

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