6 Little-Known Historical Facts That Can Surprise Even ’A’ Students

5. The Vizier of Persia Sahib Ibn Abbad carried his library with him.

6 Little-Known Historical Facts That Can Surprise Even ’A’ Students

Sahib Ibn Abbad was born in Persia in 938 and started his way to power as a secretary. When his father died, Ibn Abbad was only 7-8 years old and a friend of his father, the Grand Vizier Ibn al-’Amid, took him under his wing. In 970, Ibn Abbad became the Grand Vizier of Mu’ayyad.

Ibn Abbad contributed a lot to the development of the Persian culture. He supported the development of poetry and obtained a lot of knowledge on various subjects from the books in his library. When the Samanid Emperor invited Ibn Abbad to serve as his Vizier, he answered that he couldn’t agree because of his library. It took 400 camels to carry all his books — 60 of them were carrying dictionaries.

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