20+ Facts About Vaccinations All Responsible Parents Should Know About

The topic of immunization tends to raise many debates, especially as it relates to children. On one hand, vaccines are the most effective and safe way to stay protected from various diseases. On the other hand, parents are worried because of the side effects and many prejudices that have appeared due to the fear and distrust of traditional medicine.

We at Bright Side have carefully studied various forums, compiled the most frequently asked questions and fears that parents have, and prepared answers to these questions based on the opinions of doctors and scientific research.

Each country has its own immunization calendar. For example, there are 15 recommended vaccinations in the USA, while Great Britain has 12 of them. In Germany, vaccination is the personal responsibility of each parent. In Italy, you can get a €7,500 fine for refusing immunization. In China, you can even be put in jail for it.

The immunization schedule for kids in 2019 in the USA
20+ Facts About Vaccinations All Responsible Parents Should Know AboutYou can find the full version of the calendar here.

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