20+ Facts About Life in Africa From a Russian Girl Who Needs Her Husband More Than Electricity

Natalya Yisa was born in Izhevsk, Russia, but her love for her husband from Nigeria convinced her to move to his home country. Now, she has a popular blog where she talks about how she loves her big African family and the entire country along with them. Natalya is convinced that you should not believe stereotypes about something before you see it with your own eyes.

Thanks to Natalya, we at Bright Side also became interested in Africa and want to tell you about some things you probably don’t know about the African culture.

Raising Children
20+ Facts About Life in Africa From a Russian Girl Who Needs Her Husband More Than Electricity


I read a little bit about some statistics: “In Nigeria, 90% of 2-year-old children can wash themselves, 75% can buy things, and 39% can wash their own dishes.” The main principle here is not to waste a lot of time on child rearing and to be a good role model.

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