19 Facts Proving That Humanity Can Find an Answer to Any Question

Our world is a huge box in the attic with a bunch of fascinating secrets. For example, did you know that in the forests in Thailand, there are real zombies and that city smog is not all that harmful?

We at Bright Side decided to look into this box and share several amazing facts about this world with you.

19 Facts Proving That Humanity Can Find an Answer to Any Question

  • Psychologists from the State University of New York at Binghamton found that a text message with a period at the end of the sentence appears more disingenuous. They showed a group of 126 students a text conversation that contained this question, “Dave gave me a free ticket. Do you want to come?” and this answer, “Okay”. The answer was given in 2 versions: with punctuation at the end and without it. The students chose the one with a period as being less sincere. And the one that had an exclamation mark seemed more genuine.

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