16 Facts That Made Our Jaws Drop

What did Burger King write at the end of It? How does the only brown panda in the world live? Who do we resemble when we are slightly drunk? Why do crows love grabbing other animals by the tail? There are so many interesting questions! It’s great that we have the answers to all of them!

Bright Side has collected 16 facts for you that you will most likely want to share with your friends.

1. There is only one brown panda in the world.

16 Facts That Made Our Jaws Drop

But the story of this panda is a little sad. His name is Qizai which can be translated as “the seventh son.” Scientists found him abandoned at the age of 2 months in Central China. His parents probably didn’t recognize him as their child because of his unusual color. But thanks to his color, he has become famous and now has his own guard, park, and food made of special kinds of bamboo.

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