16 Astounding Facts About Japan That Prove a Parallel Universe Does Exist

6. There are cafes where you can talk to owls.

Many people have heard about the cafes where you can spend time with cats. But what if you don’t love cats? Go to a goat cafe, or a bunny cafe, or an ow cafe.

There are a lot of different types of animal cafes in Japan. One of them is an owl cafe called Fukuro no Mise, in Tokyo. The place is so popular people stand in line for hours before it opens. By the way, it’s not a cafe as we are used to thinking about one: there is no food, just beverages. And talking to a bird will cost you $17.

There are strict rules regarding your communication with owls: you can only touch their backs or heads and all visitors are given instructions before they get to be with the birds.

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