12 Incredible Facts That Even Teachers Are Not Aware Of

In the era of the internet, anyone can find out a multitude facts about our world. Still, there are the facts that are hard to believe in. For example, that white bears are not white at all and that mushrooms are more animals than plants.

Bright Side collected 12 true facts for you that you have probably never even thought about.

12. If you fall through the Earth, it will take you about 38 minutes to reach the other side.

Physicists from McGill University in Montreal have calculated that it will take a person only 38 minutes and 11 seconds to reach the other side of the planet if he falls through a hole in Earth.

12 Incredible Facts That Even Teachers Are Not Aware Of

The speed that the person will be flying with will reach more than 5 miles per second. However, these scientists also suggest that humanity not expect a real tunnel to appear in the near future.

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