12 Astonishing Facts About Famous Logos You Didn’t Know

Every day we see emblems of famous companies, but we rarely give a second thought to their origins or meanings.

Bright Side found 12 stories that will uncover little secrets of well-known logos, and there’s a bonus at the end of the article to bust a certain myth.


Legend has it that the Apple logo was dedicated to Alan Turing, who ended his life by biting into a poisoned apple. In fact, it’s all much simpler: designer Rob Janoff says he made the bitten apple to show its dimensions because a whole apple can be easily confused with any other round fruit.


Many think that the Ferrari logo symbolizes horsepower, but that’s not true. In his biography, Enzo Ferrari mentions that the horse silhouette was initially painted on the plane of Italian ace pilot Francesco Baracca. The emblem was given to Enzo by Francesco’s mother after his victory in a race, and later it became the well-known symbol.

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