11 Health Facts That Made Us Say, “Whaaat?

Health is the most important thing that people have, this is why many of us try to learn new things every day that will help us stay healthy for as long as possible. Today, it seems that scientists know everything about the human body, but this is not really true. For example, recently, doctors found out that the absence of breakfast doesn’t have any impact on health, and shivering when you are cold helps you to lose weight.

Bright Side has analyzed some medical discoveries from recent years and collected 11 facts that might make you change your perception of health and even of your lifestyle.

Women need more sleep than men.
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Researchers from Duke University have discovered that, unlike men, women require more sleep. As it turns out, if women don’t have enough sleep, their physical and mental abilities take a bigger toll than men’s. Because of the lack of sleep, women tend to get into depressive states more often and in the morning they tend to be more irritated, according to sleep expert Michael Breus.

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