10 Ways to Answer a “Cold Call” to Ensure You Never Get One Again

Hello, we have an offer for you that is better than any offer you’ve ever gotten…” If you still don’t know what a “cold call” is, you’re a lucky person. All these calls from banks, beauty salons, and other companies can make even the most patient person seriously irritated.

Bright Side knows 10 effective ways to get rid of these annoying calls from marketers.

1. Say that you’re underage and you can’t make such decisions yet.

According to the rules of sales, a caller is supposed to believe all the words of the client. If they say they are legally incapacitated, the caller can’t disagree. Not a single company has the right to work with such people — only with their parents and caretakers.

10 Ways to Answer a “Cold Call” to Ensure You Never Get One Again

Another reason why a company can’t contact a person is if they are underage. Even if you speak in a low adult voice that you are 13, a cold caller can’t disagree. Even though there is no law that would prohibit selling something to a teenager (14-18 years old), most likely, the person won’t argue with you because they don’t want to deal with teenagers.

call because they don’t respect the law on access to information and protection of personal data.

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