10 Movie Facts That Only Few People Know — and Now You’re One of Them

Did you know that the Indian expedition to Mars cost less than the production of Gravity? Did you know that Nigeria produces more movies in a year than the U.S. does? This article is jam-packed with the coolest cinema facts!

At Bright Side, we have collected the most intriguing facts about movies. Prepare the popcorn and take your seats! And at the end of the article, don’t miss the bonus about strange things in our favorite cartoons!

10. The Hobbit used all the gold paint in New Zealand.

There was so much gold used in the scenes with Smaug that there wasn’t enough gold paint in New Zealand to fulfil their needs, so more had to be transported from Germany.

9. The fight scene in Skyfall was shot on a real moving train.

Daniel Craig really didn’t want a stunt to shoot this scene

10 Movie Facts That Only Few People Know — and Now You’re One of Them

so he did it all by himself on the roof of a moving train. A real James Bond!

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