10 Foods We Can Never Eat Again Because of Climate Change

Climate change makes humanity adapt to new living conditions. And as the temperature rises, and extreme weather becomes a new reality, farmers and researches get worried about the future of popular foods. There is an opinion that the average Joe won’t be able to buy some of the products that are popular now because they will become too rare or expensive. So, it seems that we will have to live in a less yummy world.

Bright Side brings you 10 products that are on the “endangered foods” list. Most of them have the potential to become too scarce for us in the upcoming years.

10. Chocolate

So, you’ve decided to have a snack. You slip your hand into the treat bag and find nothing. Your bar of chocolate is no longer there. This situation can become real. Although cacao trees are not affected by high temperatures, they require abundant rainfall and high humidity.

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