10 False Facts We Still Believe in Because We Were Told So in School

5. Lady Godiva ode a horse through the city while completely naked to make her husband decrease taxes.

10 False Facts We Still Believe in Because We Were Told So in School

According to the legend, Lady Godiva asked her husband, the Earl Leofric to decrease taxes for the residents of the English town of Coventry in 1040. The Earl agreed with one condition: that his wife would ride a horse across the city while naked. He was sure that Lady Godiva wouldn’t do it, but the big-hearted woman carried through with his request for the sake of the common people.

At the end of the 13th century, King Edward I decided to find out the truth about this story and ordered a study of all the documents of that epoch. It turns out that some taxes really were abolished in Coventry in 1057, but that happened 17 years after Lady Godiva’s ride. Additionally, the first mention of the brave deed of Lady Godiva appeared more than 100 years after her death.

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