10 False Facts We Still Believe in Because We Were Told So in School

2. Cockroaches can survive a nuclear war.

10 False Facts We Still Believe in Because We Were Told So in School

Cockroaches are one of the hardiest creatures on earth. They can stay without food for a long time and are even able to live without their head for 2 weeks. It seems that they might not even be threatened by a nuclear war. However, scientists Mary H. Ross and D. G. Cochran decided to check this hypothesis in 1963 having studied the effect of radiation on cockroaches in laboratory conditions.

It turns out that cockroaches will be the first creatures who will die in the case of a nuclear catastrophe. The 6,400r. dose killed 93% of all cockroaches. Of course, this dose is more than 10 times higher than the dose that a human can stand (500r.) but the fact that these nasty creatures are not almighty gives us some hope.

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