10 Facts That Can Startle Even Hardcore Movie Fans

Hundreds of people contribute to every shot of our favorite movies. Good things, failures, and hidden details accompany many famous movies. Attentive viewers never stop looking for Easter Eggs and sometimes the actors themselves crack and reveal these things. For example, Tilda Swinton had denied that she played the old psychiatrist in Suspiria but finally admitted it later.

Bright Side reveals some amazing facts that will surprise even the people who know a lot about movies.

1. The Chinese movie Unbreakable Spirit was cancelled because of a financial scandal, so nobody will ever see it.

10 Facts That Can Startle Even Hardcore Movie Fans

The drama by Chinese director Xiao Feng about the Japanese bombing of the Chinese town Chongqing during World War II cost $65 million to produce. Mel Gibson was the co-producer and the main roles were played by Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody. But in the end, the movie was not shownbecause one of the investors was accused of fraud and the Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who played one of the main roles in the movie was accused of tax evasion. So, the only thing we can watch is the trailer.

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