10 Facts That Can Change Women’s Opinion of Men

Friends, forums, and social media have seen a lot of women shed tears over the strange and unexplainable things that men do. For example, why do they almost break their necks trying to check out every girl? As it turns out, science has found its explanation not only for this phenomenon, but also for other things men do that seem strange to the women in their lives.

Bright Side has collected the most interesting facts about men found during scientific research and through questionnaires. Some of them are interesting and funny, and some are unexpected, even for men themselves!

1. They don’t like giving out their phone number.

One of the most important things that men need is freedom. That’s why most of them ask the girls they like for their phone number but don’t leave their own. Men like the right to make a choice and control everything

10 Facts That Can Change Women’s Opinion of Men

themselves. That’s why the numerous questions on girls’ forums like “Why didn’t he leave me his phone number?” have only one answer.

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