10 Facts About Outstanding People That They Probably Didn’t Teach You in School (You May See the Past in a Whole New Light After This)

There’s a belief that the Countess of Tyrol and the Duchess of Bavaria, Margarete Maultasch who lived in the 14th century was the ugliest woman in history. Her portrait (as you can see in the picture above) and nickname serve as proof: Maultasch resembles the German word, “maultasche” which literally means “bag mouth”.

However, some researchers think that “maultasch” wasn’t actually referring to the dutches’ appearance but instead was referring to the name of a castle in Tyrol. As for the portrait, it was painted by Flemish artist, Quentin Matsys in the 16th century and was intended to be a caricature.

10 Facts About Outstanding People That They Probably Didn’t Teach You in School (You May See the Past in a Whole New Light After This)

If we take a look at Margarete’s other images (including the image in her seal stamp), we can see a rather pretty woman.

But how did the myth start? The thing is, Margarete forced her husband that she married as an 11-year-old girl to leave her so she could then marry the man she really loved. As you probably know, in the past, this was an impudent act

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