10 Facts About Earth We Didn’t Know (Attention: Don’t Miss the Year 2034)

Throughout history, humanity hasn’t been able to learn everything about our planet. But the facts that we keep learning are so amazing that they motivate us to keep studying the world we live in. Do you know the speed of spring? And what the state of the ozone layer is? Where is the place where you don’t need to buy soap in the store because you can dig some up in the yard?

Bright Side has found some amazing facts about our planet that you may not be aware of.

1. The ozone hole is getting smaller.

10 Facts About Earth We Didn’t Know (Attention: Don’t Miss the Year 2034)

Studies have shown that in 2015, compared to 2000, the ozone hole over the Antarctic has shrunk by 4 million sq km and it continues to grow. The Montreal Protocol, an international treaty that phased out the production of many of the human-made compounds responsible for stratospheric ozone destruction, is widely considered to be the most important and successful international environmental agreement. Scientists claimed the ozone layer restored before but now they have the proof.

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