10 Facts About Dogs That Prove We Couldn’t Live Without Them

We think that by now, everyone knows that animals have a positive impact on the health of their owners. And dogs are especially useful because, according to scientists, on average, they make a person’s life 2 years longer. And there is no evidence to support the claim that there are other domesticated pets that have a better influence on our health. This is what cardiologist and professor Thomas Lee thinks.

Bright Side will tell you about 10 scientific facts proving that dogs have a positive influence on the health of their owners. And in order to make our reader’s lives at least several minutes longer, we decided to add some funny dog GIFs to the article.

Fact № 1: Dog owners have high blood pressure less often.
10 Facts About Dogs That Prove We Couldn’t Live Without Them© icant-chooseone / reddit

Scientists from New York University at Buffalo conducted a study and found that taking care of dogs lowers blood pressure and stress levels. It is important to mention that the participants didn’t take their blood pressure medicine during the study. And it turns out that their blood pressure returned to normal just by having them pet a dog.

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