10 Astounding Facts That Can Change the Way You See the World

Did you know that there’s “golden blood” or that Mercedes-Benz cars have a secret technology that gets activated before an accident? What about the fact that right now at this moment people are applying to become citizens of a space station? If you didn’t, prepare yourself to be surprised.

Bright Side gathered for you the coolest new facts that will once again remind you how unbelievably awesome our world is.

1. The world’s loudest shout was the word “quiet.”

10 Astounding Facts That Can Change the Way You See the World

This unusual record was set by a teacher at a school in Belfast (Northern Ireland). In 1994, Miss Flanagan set the Guinness world record when she shouted “Quiet!” at 121.7 decibels (louder than what you might hear at any rock concert). Luckily for her students, she never uses her secret “weapon” in her classes. However, this video was filmed to demonstrate the power of her lungs.

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